The Validation Webinar

Validating your idea. It might sometimes seem plain sailing coming up with the next big idea, but before you invest thousands of pounds and endless hours into it, first you should ask the vital question, “is my business idea viable?” if it isn’t then you’re sunk before you begin.

What will you learn on the webinar?

What is validating a business concept? 

  • is there a customer base for your idea?
  • Has anyone else thought of it and what to if they have
  • Getting feedback from the right people
  • When to validate your idea
  • How and when does a MVP and BMC come into play?

What you will take away

  • How to make sure you have the right idea
  • Are suited for a life of entrepreneurship
  • When to launch and what the pitfalls can be
  • How to begin building your brand and why its important
  • Plus a lot more…

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