Welcome to the TEG Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

The TEG Mastermind Group is like no other, we would say that wouldn’t we? But it’s true, we put a lot of effort into making this something really unique and special.

The people we choose to enter the group are like us, they want to be the best version of themselves. This will also reflect in their business too.

We have been through a really traumatic 18 months or so, some of us are still going through it, and for us it’s been especially challenging as we have staff to consider, this can be stressful in many ways as it’s something we have never had to deal with before. Businesses closing through no fault of their own and having to make people redundant, people we care about deeply.

The majority of leaders and high achievers look after everyone else and sometimes neglect themselves. If you’re one of these people, then you could be taking the first steps to putting it right. We are here with the help and advice to get you back on track and back on top again.

What do you get when you join us?

You can apply for our one to one leadership service where we guide you through our specialised high performance and achievement coaching programme. This is focused on investing time in you so you come closer to reaching your big dreams and goals.

Sometimes we forget the ‘child’ inside us and we forget to have fun. Let’s have fun!

Please contact us for more information.

Mastermind Enquiry

Sign up to express your interest in joining the TEG Mastermind Group and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have before deciding to join. We not only have some great specialists working with us we have a lot of fun too as that's what it's about, learning while having fun.

There are some great new additions coming later in the year too so don't miss out.

become a member

The Mastermind Membership is for those people who really do want to focus on themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s the right thing to do.

What do you get when you become a member?

  • We meet up on Zoom every 2 weeks to discuss a topic that is maybe holding you back, it could be anything from losing focus, procrastination to leadership skills.
  • Each meeting we invite a specialist speaker who will take us through the challenges we face as leaders and high achievers in our chosen topic and give us invaluble  help and advice.
  • Once the guest speaker has talked us through how to overcome the challenges we face, we get to ask questions, to me this is where the magic happens, as we get to listen, and to interact with someone at the top of their game. Let’s be honest how many will get the chance to do that.
  • The combined learning from these sessions is worth the entry price alone but we don’t stop there. You will receive a weekly newsletter designed to keep you on track. It will be packed with information relating to the session you have just attended with the group, so the learning doesn’t stop.
  • Each session will be recorded so if you miss one, don’t worry you can come back and view it in full.
  • We will meet at least once every 2 months face to face, in a location that’s good for everyone, so we can get to know each other and really bond as a group. I find it’s a great way to make lifelong friends too.

If you would like more information on becoming a member please sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know the date when we intend to open the cart so you can join.

We only invite 12 people into the group and it’s a strict selection process so the learning is specific to you and the challenges you face, each cohort is chosen for its ability to grow together.

The next cohort begins in October so if you would like to find out more on how to become a member please carry on reading.

To join you have the following options:

  • Pay £299.00 + VAT per month, the first month is on us, or…
  • Take advantage of our special offer and make one payment of £2,691.00 + VAT for 12 months membership, that’s a saving of over £800 on the normal price. It’s 12 months for the price of 9.

The cart will open during September but please fill out the ENQUIRY FORM above to be kept up to date of all the details of joining the next Mastermind Group.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.