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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included?

Everything listed below:

  • We meet up on Zoom every 2 weeks to discuss a topic that is maybe holding us back, it could be anything from losing focus, procrastination to leadership skills.
  • Each meeting we invite a specialist who will take us through the challenges we face as leaders and high achievers.
  • Once the guest speaker has given us the benefit of their wisdom, we get to ask questions, to me this is where the magic happens, as we get to listen to and interact with someone at the top of their game. Let’s be honest how many will get the chance to do that.
  • The combined learning from these sessions is worth the entry price alone but we don’t stop there. You will receive a weekly newsletter designed to keep you on track. It will be packed with information relating to the session you have just had with the group, so the learning doesn’t stop.
Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can cancel at anytime but please be aware we do not offer refunds on any payments on the monthly plan.

If you have paid the annual subscription we will refund the number of months you have remaining at the discounted price if it’s within your first year of membership.

If you have joined and paid the normal price we will refund your remaining months from the date you joined. So for example if you have joined in January and you cancel in June  you will be entitled to 6 months refund at the current monthly price.

If you want to cancel your subscription please contact to start the process.

What if I miss a session?

Sadly if you miss a session that’s down to you as you will be notified well in advance that the session starting, the time and date will be supplied.

We do record all the sessions and send out the link in the newsletter following the session.