Our workshops help identify and empower your Intrapreneurs

“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Jack Welch


We set out to unlock entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours of employees across organisations. The Entrepreneurs Mindset was shaped from the need for a programme that disrupted the training world and how it operated in a modern environment.

If you’re part of an organisation that is obsessed with creating the future ‘modern’ workplace utilising innovation and an entrepreneurial culture through transformation and development, we would love to talk to you, so get in touch today.

Unlike other courses, accelerators, and incubators, we focus specifically on helping organisations find those people who can propel the organisation forward. These corporate entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs, are offered unprecedented access to entrepreneurial management techniques through our immersive programme.  

What next?

We’re on a quest to find and empower as many intrapreneurs as we can, we want to change the way they think, act and operate their businesses. 

We want to empower you to create positive impacts for yourself, your staff, and the rest of the world. We want to light the fire for intrapreneurs to find new ways of developing the business, local economies, and communities. 

Book your walk through of how The Entrepreneurs Mindset can change your organisation.

The Entrepreneurs Mindset

Contact us to to arrange an introduction to The Entrepreneurs Mindset.

We can arrange a Zoom or Teams call where we will take you through The Entrepreneurs Mindset and how it will help your organisation not only change your culture but empower your staff. This is completely free and you are under no obligation to employ us.

If you would like us to come to your offices please get in touch to arrange.

“I think we gained a lot from developing a shared vision of what can be achieved with a fresh mindset, we now need to set time aside to make it happen.”

Richard Longman – Sellafield Ltd

Who's it for?

The Entrepreneurs Mindset is for those members of staff that have shown the greatest desire to lead your organisation through these challenging times. We will help you find and nurture their talent to move the organisation forward.

Why join?

There has never been times like this for your organisation and disruption is coming from every direction. Let us find and nurture your ‘disruptors’ to help move the needle on your organisation to a positive range rather than a negative one.

How does it work?

First, we discuss with you what the core problem is. This could be a change of culture right through to a full on transformation of your organisation. We then help the people you have selected to make this change through our tailored programmes.

The Entrepreneurs Mindset

Each sector can be run as either a 1 or 2 day workshop.

Please get in touch for more details and to book.

TEGrocket - Our Secret Sauce!

TEGrocket is a challenging and immersive business simulation – a true game-changer!

Moving from reactive to strategic problem-solving participants quickly discover the consequences of their decision-making in a real-word business scenario.

26 weeks in 26 minutes – it’s fast and furious and if you don’t work together the game will win!

What is TEGrocket?

The TEGrocket simulation is used to train groups of individuals to understand the context of how an organisation works and how to optimize it.

Participants find the experience engaging, fun and empowering.

This is not traditional training – TEGrocket uses cutting edge science to enable people to learn for themselves.

And it’s award-winning: TEGrocket won the International Business Learning Games Competition in 2019.

How TEGrocket works

Teams of players (minimum 9, maximum 12) are brought together and split into the typical roles you would see in most businesses:


At the beginning of a session, the participants are given approximately 30 minutes to ‘onboard’ so they know the basics of running the fully simulated business.

Who is TEGrocket for?

TEGrocket is for teams and groups of people who want an exciting experience to run a complete business in this fast-paced business simulation scenario.

The game brings individuals together and so it is perfect for organizations to establish great teamwork, drive core business productivity, build commercial awareness, and achieve interpersonal empathy and trust.

“Excellent couple of days, great team building exercise for a new project team, with some valuable info for them (and myself) into the way we could work together. The TEGrocket game was a great insight into business”.

Steven Gregg – Sellafield Ltd

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