Creating One Team

The Entrepreneurs Group (TEG) Business Accelerator is a tailored corporate training programme designed to help your team think like business owners and develop their Intrapreneurial talent. The TEG Business Accelerator is not a ‘one size fits all’ programme, it’s designed to fit you and your teams needs and requirements for change. Through face to face training, virtual classrooms and our online accelerator course, we will bring about organisational change, empower your team with new skills and knowledge to make a difference to businesses and create leaders of the future.

TEG Business Accelerator Programme

Who's it for?

TEG Accelerator is for those members of staff that have shown the greatest desire to lead your organisation through these challenging times. We will help you find and nurture their talent.

Why join?

There has never been times like this for your organisation and disruption is coming from every direction. Let us find and nurture your ‘disruptors’ to help move the needle on your organisation.

How does it work?

First, we discuss with you what the core problem is. This could be a change of culture right through to a full on transformation of your organisation. We then help the people you have selected to make this change through our tailored programmes.

Ready to take your organisation forward?

The TEG Business Accelerator was shaped from the need for a programme that disrupted the training world and we set out to unlock entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours of employees across all types of organisations.

The TEG Business Accelerator is a tailored programme for organisations where we align the programme to your specific needs and to help establish a sustainable cultural change.

Unlike other courses, accelerators, and incubators, we focus specifically on helping organisations find those people who can propel the organisation forward, we call these people ‘intrapreneurs’ as they have the same qualities as an entrepreneur but want the security of working for a large organisation. These corporate intrapreneurs, are offered unprecedented access to entrepreneurial management techniques through our immersive programme.

We’re on a mission to find and empower as many intrapreneurs as we can. We want to change the way they think, act and operate within their businesses; contributing to the objectives of the organisation as a whole.

We offer 2 and 5 day bespoke programmes that are designed around your teams needs. Please get in touch for more details and a chat.


What is ROCKET?

The TEGrocket business simulation is used to train groups of individuals to understand the context of how an organisation works and how to optimize it.


Commercial Thinking

Commercial thinking is one of the cornerstones to moving your business forward with purpose. If your people don’t think commercially money flows out of the business uncontrollably. 


Siloed Thinking

A “silo” mentality is often the result of poor communication, misunderstandings or a lack of awareness of other departments within a business. We look to implement change and how your employees can overcome these issues by learning about the other departments, the work that they do, and how their activities fit into the “bigger picture”.


Entrepreneurial Thinking

Thinking like entrepreneurs will give your staff the edge when it comes to operating in a challenging market. Knowing the value of your services and products is key to success.

Business Management

Innovation Thinking

When your people think in innovative ways they really begin to see the bigger picture. We help them to not only see business in a different way but the world also.


Decision Making

Because there are only so many hours in a day the better the decision making the faster the magic happens. If your staff are slow or negative about the decisions they make, let us help change that.



Leadership is one of the most underrated skills in the business playbook. If you can help your staff to become the leaders in your business your business performance gets a natural boost. Let us help your staff to become the leaders your organisation needs to succeed.


Certificate of Completion

Certificates of completion help demonstrate your staff’s accomplishments, but please note TEG is not an accredited institution, therefore, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.


Paul Grima

Sellafield Ltd

“I really enjoyed the course, and the business role play exercise was really exciting and a very good learning tool.”


​Idris Hussain

Sellafield Ltd

“Overall a great programme, I’m grateful that I was afforded the courtesy to attend this course. It should be rolled out to all employees across the SL site, which will promote well needed change and intrepreneurship within the organisation.”


Alex Dawson

Jacobs Ltd

“Would prefer a longer course next time. The time was well spent but we all needed more time.”



Who We’re Working With


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