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True Inrapreneurs always know their ‘WHY’ and give their staff the inspired leadership they need to grow and create loyalty. Do your leaders do this?

Decision Making

Intrapreneurs have a different mindset when it comes to decision making and risk taking. It’s usually not the way organisations operate.


Commercial thinking is the cornerstone for all Intrapreneurs and its the way to innovate and grow any organisation. Knowing the ‘numbers’ is key to success.

The Entrepreneurs Group (TEG) is dedicated to helping organisations develop a culture to accelerate new business growth and nurture innovation.

Everyone wants growth and innovation, but few have a process in place to spot, support and sustain those who can assist and put into practice over time.

TEG sets the standard for innovation and growth.  It provides a view of the resources, processes and environment that are needed to support, motivate and engage the organisation in entrepreneurial thinking.  It is a set of processes aimed at creating leaders that contribute inside of an existing organisation that create value and generate new revenue growth.

Organisations with a strong entrepreneurial culture perform better than those who don’t.  They achieve higher levels of productivity, innovation, growth and financial returns.

As experienced corporate entrepreneurs we know what it takes to develop corporate entrepreneurship inside of existing organisations. We work with individuals, innovation groups and the senior executive team to identify and develop your organisations entrepreneurial competencies.

We use our proven process to develop a culture of learning, failure, and growth inside an existing organisation. This creates value and generates new revenue and growth through entrepreneurial thought and action.


  1. If a member of staff said they had a sure fire way of adding 20% to your bottom line, or an innovation that could help propel your organisation to the next level, do you have the processes in place to make it happen?
  2. Does your company have a recognised process for testing new ideas, to find out if they work or not?
  3. Does your company have the required management tools to scale this idea up to maximum impact, even if it doesn’t align with the company culture and processes?
  4. Does your company embrace the innovation and creativity of every single one of its employees?

If this doesn’t sound like your organisation, then you need to speak to us today.


Corporate Intrapreneurship

Corporate Intrapreneurship

It’s a well-known fact that organisations with strong entrepreneurial orientations statistically...