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Inspire your brightest stars to be the leaders of the future


“A team of competitive, confident individuals who are committed to innovation, passionate about work and producing higher value for our organisation.

They require an entrepreneurial spirit, be activators of ideas and have a willingness to take calculated risks. In return for their desire to help the growth of the company over financial reward, they will receive support and resources to help make their ideas a reality.”

Does this sound too good to be true, that some people are willing to put the company’s interests first, in fact, they probably already work for the company and are doing it whether you know it or not.

You need to find them fast, so get in touch today and let us help.


If your organisation is supportive, your intrapreneur’s will succeed and grow, as will the organisation. If you’re not then…

We have created a series of business courses and programmes designed to fit your team’s needs that will drive real change within your organisation.

You can choose face to face training, coaching and mentoring, virtual classrooms, or our online accelerator courses.

Get in touch today and make sure you’re ready for the change that’s coming.


Utilising and optimising existing products while embracing innovation is a key element of lasting growth and profitability for any company.

A simple yet powerful approach to advancing a culture of innovation is to use existing resources within the company, including its employees.

Deloitte survey found millennials to be more loyal if they felt in control of their career and their organisations supported their leadership ambitions. They also favoured employers who demonstrated a strong sense of purpose beyond financial success and creating meaning in work. Plus, a study from the University of Birmingham showed a positive correlation between autonomy and job satisfaction.

Don’t let your ‘stars’ leave the company, inspire them, and reap the rewards.


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