Validate Your Business Before You Set Sail

“Great at getting knowledge and experience out of attendees.”

Andrew Gibson, Co-Founder

We know that starting and growing a business is hard, so we developed the The Entrepreneurs Group ACCELERATOR to eliminate some of the biggest challenges.

Our ACCELERATOR is the fast-track for talented people to become entrepreneurs and business owners. We help validate your ideas, leverage data, distribution and IP from our partners, then build teams to develop sustainable startups every year.

ACCELERATOR Entrepreneurs

The Accelerator Entrepreneurs programme is for those who are taking their early stage business to the next level. You may have a few sales already, but not enough to give up your day job. Your turnover is typically £1500 or less each month and you’ve not yet gained enough traction to secure funding or investment to grow your business.

Now you’re looking to Validate your business to ensure you have solid foundations and ideas to build on before moving forward.

Apply for our Entrepreneurs programme today and help your business to thrive and compete in an ever changing marketplace.

“Overall great programme, I’m grateful that I was afforded the courtesy to attend this course. It should be rolled out to all employees across the SL site, which will promote well needed change and intrepreneur-ship within the organisation.”

Idris Hussain – Sellafield Ltd

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ACCELERATOR Intrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Group Ltd (TEG) have a desire to create a new generation of intrepreneurs. Working with both large and small organisations to help you unlock the potential of your people using the Intrepreneurs programme.

The Intrepreneurs Programme was developed because there is a need to unlock the entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours of employees to help businesses think in an entrepreneurial way. We have shaped our award-winning ACCELERATOR programmes to help develop innovative techniques and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Apply for our Intrepreneurs programme today and help your organisation to thrive and compete in the ever changing marketplace.

“Although I had mixed feelings about attending the session, I soon realised I was extremely lucky to be taking part in what turned out to be a truly remarkable programme.”

Tim West, CEO – West Coast Group Ltd

Rapid Growth


Rapid Growth is for those businesses who want to rise to the next level and really scale their business for wider marketplaces and customers.

The Rapid Growth ACCELERATOR programme for entrepreneurs with high growth businesses who are looking to scale up.

You already have traction and are selling regularly to customers or have gained funding or investment. Now you’re growing your team, maybe aiming to expand your reach into new markets throughout the UK, perhaps even internationally, seeking further significant investment or scaling your turnover and profitability.

The Rapid Growth programme is a series of 1 day per week workshops over a 6 week period, supported by networking events that introduce you to other like-minded entrepreneurs plus full-day workshops to help you get to the next stage in your business.

Apply for our Rapid Growth programme today and help your business to thrive and compete in an ever changing marketplace.

“We gained a lot from developing a shared vision of what can be achieved with a fresh mindset, we now need to set time aside to make it happen.”

Richard Longman – Sellafield Ltd

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