Is your organisation a place where every employee is a potential innovator, ready to solve problems and create opportunities? Sounds like a dream. It’s not. This is intrapreneurship, a concept that can transform your business. At TEG Learning & Development, we’ve spent over 20 years helping organisations unlock this potential.

Intrapreneurship is more than just a buzzword. It’s a shift in mindset that allows employees to think like entrepreneurs within the structure of a company. It means fostering an environment where ideas are valued, and innovation is encouraged. The benefits are clear: increased creativity, higher employee engagement, and a competitive edge in the marketplace. Yet, many organisations struggle to cultivate this environment. That’s where TEG comes in.

We begin by identifying the hidden innovators in your team. These are not always the loudest voices in the room. Often, they are the ones quietly coming up with brilliant solutions, eager to make a difference but unsure how to get their ideas heard. Our approach is tailored to bring these ideas to the forefront.

Take John, an account manager at a large-sized advertising firm. Despite his expertise and dedication, John felt his innovative ideas were overlooked. He attended our leadership workshop, where we provided tools to help him articulate his ideas effectively and align them with the company’s strategic goals. John’s confidence grew, and soon, his ideas were being implemented, leading to a 15% increase in project efficiency.

But intrapreneurship is not just about individual development. It’s about creating a culture that supports and nurtures innovation. We work with organisations to build this culture from the ground up. This involves training leaders to recognise and encourage intrapreneurial talent, fostering open communication, and providing the resources necessary for ideas to flourish.

One of the key elements in our approach is addressing the ‘politicians’ within organisations. These individuals often excel at maintaining the status quo, providing a lot of ‘hot air’ without delivering results.

 True innovators, however, are tenacious and consistent. They see the bigger picture and understand that real innovation requires persistence and the ability to navigate obstacles.

Consider the case of Sarah, a people manager at a medium sized organisation. Despite her position, she struggled to implement innovative practices within her team due to internal politics. Through our workshops, Sarah learned how to navigate these dynamics effectively, gaining the support of her peers and superiors. As a result, her team implemented several innovative processes that significantly improved their workflow and productivity.

At TEG, we also recognise the importance of top-level support for intrapreneurship. Without buy-in from senior leaders, even the best ideas can wither on the vine. We work with executives to create an organisational framework that supports innovation at all levels. This includes setting clear expectations, providing necessary resources, and recognising and rewarding innovative efforts.

One of our most impactful strategies is the creation of innovation hubs within organisations. These hubs are dedicated spaces where employees can collaborate on new ideas, test prototypes, and receive feedback. They serve as a breeding ground for innovation, allowing employees to experiment without the fear of failure. The results speak for themselves – companies with innovation hubs report higher rates of employee satisfaction and more successful product launches.

In the last decade, we have seen a significant shift in how organisations approach intrapreneurship. Companies like Virgin NatWest and SharkNinja have all embraced this concept, creating programmes that encourage employees to think outside the box and drive the company forward. The success stories are numerous, and the trend is only growing.

At TEG, we believe that every organisation has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Our mission is to help you unlock this potential, turning hidden innovators into driving forces behind your company’s success.

Are you ready to transform your organisation? Join us at one of our upcoming leadership or learning and development workshops. Let’s cultivate the intrapreneurs within your team and pave the way for a future of innovation and growth.

Your hidden innovators are waiting. Are you ready to unlock their potential?

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