Creating a culture of active enthusiasm and engagement in a large corporate organisation is challenging.

Today I share some strategies to foster great engagement.

Leadership and Vision Clear Vision:

Top management should articulate a compelling vision and set achievable but challenging goals.

Visible Leadership: Leaders should be accessible and visible, continually communicating the organisation’s values, mission, and objectives.

Communication Transparency: Share both good and bad news openly and honestly.

Multi-Channel Approach:

While robots and automation have their use consider not just the various mediums like intranet, e-mail, video messages, but town halls as well, to ensure everyone receives the message.

Two-Way Communication: Make sure to include platforms where employees can voice their opinions, questions, or concerns.

Local Leadership: Encourage team leads at multiple sites to have open dialogues with their teams.

Employee Development Training: Clearly we are big fans of this however, by offering continuous learning opportunities we know it keeps your people more engaged for longer.

Career Pathing: Make sure employees have a clear understanding of their career path and the steps needed to progress. Knowing the big picture or seeing the end of the tunnel helps to know not only the direction but that it is also achievable.

Mentorship Programs: Pairing less experienced with more experienced employees can lead to increased engagement.

Recognition and Reward

Yes, it can be cheesy, but when done right public recognition goes a long way. Celebrate the wins and milestones at every level of the organisation.

Rewards Program: Incentivise behaviour that aligns with the company’s values and goals.

Performance Reviews: Use these not just for feedback, but also as an opportunity to recognise and appreciate good work.

Work-Life Balance Flexibility: Offer flexible work hours or remote work options where feasible.

Wellness Programs: Mental and physical well-being programmes can help employees feel their best, thereby increasing engagement.

Team and Community Building, Cross-Team Projects: Allow employees from different sites or departments to work together on projects.

Social Events: Plan social events and team-building activities.

Community Involvement: Engage employees in community service or philanthropic efforts.

Technology and Tools Engagement Platforms: Use software designed to measure and increase employee engagement.

Unified Communication Tools: Use tools that work across various sites and departments for better collaboration.

Feedback Loop and Adjustments

Regular Surveys: Use pulse surveys to check the level of employee engagement.

Analytics: Use data analytics to measure the impact of engagement programs.

Adjust and Adapt: Be prepared to change your strategies based on feedback and analytical data.

In summary, building a culture of active enthusiasm and participation in a large, multi-site corporate setting requires an ongoing, multi-faceted approach that involves everyone from leadership down to individual contributors. It’s not something that happens overnight but is a continual process that adapts and evolves over time.

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