If you have ever thought about becoming a Digital Nomad now could just be the perfect time. As employers become more flexible in where you can work and high speed Wi-Fi being the ‘norm’ around most of the world it’s not just for rich people, it’s for anyone who can work remotely and wants to do it.

With most cities around the world being too expensive to live and work in, being able to work with a laptop and phone is a great way to run your business. Would you really miss that commute to work?

Parts of the world are gradually reopening after COVID, and growing numbers of people are enjoying new flexibility to work from anywhere.

Last year, nearly one in five Airbnb guests used the site to travel and work remotely; and this year 74% of people across its five-country survey have expressed an interest in living somewhere other than where their employer is based.

Brian Chesky, the Airbnb chief executive, said: “The boundaries between travel, life and work are blurring.”

You now have more choices than ever before, why not take advantage of them?

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