The Entrepreneurs Group

Grow, develop and sustain your business for success.

TEG (The Entrepreneurial Group) is Learning and Development for established businesses looking to develop your people for:

Innovation – Leadership – Business Growth

Connecting and working with your leaders and teams to find and nurture the intrapreneurs. You learn a greater understanding of how a successful business grows, meets and exceeds market share.

You are provided with the resources, processes, and environment to motivate, and engage your teams in entrepreneurial thinking. By leveraging our experience as corporate entrepreneurs, you are helped  to identify and develop the competencies needed to create leaders who contribute to your organisation’s success.

At TEG, the focus is on helping large corporate organisations unlock your potential for growth and innovation. Every organisation has the capacity for entrepreneurial thinking and action, but it requires deliberate effort to develop and nurture this culture.

The approach is centered on providing the resources, processes, and environment that will support, motivate, and engage your team in entrepreneurial thinking. Leveraging extensive experience as corporate entrepreneurs, TEG can help identify and develop the competencies needed to create leaders who contribute to your organization’s success.

Creating a culture of learning, embracing failure, and fostering growth is challenging but essential. Organisations that embrace this mindset often see higher levels of productivity, innovation, growth, and financial returns.

TEG sets the standard for innovation and growth, dedicated to helping you unlock your organisation’s potential. Together, a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and action can be created, generating new revenue and growth.

The process to encourage growth and innovation

1. If a member of staff said they had a sure fire way of adding 20% to your bottom line, or an innovation that will help propel your organisation to the next level, do you have the processes in place to make this happen?

2. Does your company have a recognised process for testing new ideas, to find out if they will work or not?

3. Does your company have the required management tools to scale up an idea up to maximum impact, even if it doesn’t align with the company culture and processes?

4. Does your company embrace the innovation and creativity of every single one of its employees?

Speak to us today to introduce this to your business culture.



True Intrapreneurs know their ‘WHY’ and give their team the inspired leadership they need to grow and create loyalty. When posed with a challenge do your leaders respond with WHO, or HOW? Those who respond with who, are the ones to watch, respect and learn from. Do your leaders do this?


Intrapreneurs have an alternate mindset for decision making and risk taking. It’s often contrary to the way most organisations operate. How productive are your teams? Are they burnt out, or absolutely flying?


Commercial urgency and commercial thinking are the cornerstone for all Intrapreneurs. It is the way to innovate and grow any organisation. This approach will enhance individual and team performance and also encourage a company-wide innovation culture that will propel your business forward.




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