TRANSFORM is the business support, development and coaching programme that empowers Entrepreneurs to create innovative businesses and Organisations to use entrepreneurial management techniques to drive innovation and culture change.

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We want to help you create a transformation in your organisation that will not only strengthen skills capability throughout the UK but will develop a strong economy and supply chain.

Our overarching goal is to make the UK a place of opportunity and lasting legacy that attracts not only innovation and diversity but is seen as a global innovation leader.

Through the TRANSFORM programme we will enable people from all business backgrounds to test, problem solve and put into practice their ideas to drive growth through constant innovation.

what is transform?

How Do We Help?


TRANSFORM Enterprise



Unlike other accelerators and incubators, we focus specifically on helping your organisation find those people who can propel your organisation forward. These corporate entrepreneurs, or intrepreneurs, are offered unprecedented access to entrepreneurial management techniques through our immersive programme, TRANSFORM Enterprise.

TRANSFORM Enterprise is a fast-paced support and development programme helping organisations create an entrepreneurial management system that gives staff a ‘real’ taste of what it is to be part of a modern company.

The TRANSFORM Enterprise programme is not designed for people to sit behind a desk and listen to someone tell them what it’s like to change an organisations culture or how they need to become more innovative. Our unique TRANSFORM Rocket business simulation programme throws them in at the deep end and will test them and make them think about what its really like to run, manage or be part of a business who are fit for the 21st Century.


What does the programme consist of?

  • We encourage senior staff, middle managers and intrepreneurs to find out how implementing an entrepreneurial management style can help them and the organisation transform
  • We support MD’s, CEO’s, executives, leadership teams, cross-functional project delivery teams, in fact anyone in the organisation who demonstrates they have the entrepreneurial skills to become the leader they were meant to be and drive the business forward
  • Once we have found these people they are invited to attend the TRANSFORM Enterprise programme so they can become the ambassadors the organisation needs to affect the change required
  • We can also find those in the organisation who want to branch out and start their own business but don’t know how. These are the entrepreneurs of the future
  • The principles of TRANSFORM Enterprise and entrepreneurial management can be applied in any industry, company size, or sector of the economy in order to change cultures and encourage all levels of staff to become more innovative

You might be thinking “What’s the benefit of TRANSFORM Enterprise and why should we use it?”.

Some of the benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Everyone is ‘singing from the same sheet’ so there is no ambiguity or misinterpretation of who does what and when
  • The workforce is happier as they know the job they are doing is contributing to the overall success of the organisation
  • Increased awareness from staff of the commercial and cultural pressures the organisation faces
  • The culture of the organisation changes to reflect this new way of thinking and working
  • People will be allowed to fail but fail fast and learn from that failure
  • Innovation and calculated risk will become ‘baked’ into the organisations culture
  • All staff can be assessed for promotion using our TRANSFORM Rocket business simulator cutting down on the time to recruit and expensive recruitment costs. Please speak to us about how we can help you recruit your next key member of staff both internally or externally

Once through the TRANSFORM Enterprise programme staff members will have a greater understanding of how an organisation operates and what it takes to ensure the company is fit for purpose and ready for the future.




  • Is founded on steady growth through disciplined management and controls, and subject to tremendous short-term pressure
  • Tends to operate huge programs
  • Is full of multitasking
  • Comprised of managers and their subordinates
  • Is protected from competition via barriers to entry


  • Is founded on sustained impact via continuous innovation, and focused on long-term results
  • Operates rapid experiments
  • Has a new tool in its arsenal: the internal startup, filled with a small number of passionate believers dedicated to one project at a time
  • Comprised of leaders and the entrepreneurs they empower
  • Leaves competitors in the dust through continuous innovation

“It has been a fantastic experience to attend the ‘TRANSFORM Rocket Tester’ business simulation this morning led by @Keith McMean. The session was really intuitive and interactive.

Surfing through the full business process including Marketing, Sales, Finance, Senior Management and Production was a wonderful experience. I believe that a deep dive into the full programme would be an extremely useful experience for any Startup businesses and SMEs including any inquisitive personnel.”

Mohammad Hossain MIET

TSP Engineering




Our aim is to give you every chance to run your own business. We see that having a strong, capable and diverse workforce and economy for the UK is a great starting place and we want to help you get started.

Unlike other accelerators and incubators, we focus specifically on budding entrepreneurs offering them unprecedented access to business ownership through our immersive acceleration program TRANSFORM Startup. In addition, we run impactful events, co-working opportunities, mentoring and coaching programmes.

TRANSFORM Rocket Startup is designed to be a fast-paced look into entrepreneurship that gives you a ‘real ‘feel’ of what it takes to run a business.

The TRANSFORM Startup programme is not designed for you to sit behind a desk and listen to someone tell you what its like to run a business. Our unique Rocket business simulation programme throws you in at the deep end and will test you and make you think about what its ‘really’ like to run a business. If you pass this test then you are really on a path to success because you will know if entrepreneurship is for you or not.

What does the programme consist of and what are the benefits?

  • We give entrepreneurs the tools to decide if running a business is for them in a very short space of time using our TRANSFORM Startup support and development programme
  • You will learn how to handle the day to day running of a business
  • Accelerate your mindset and learning
  • We will help you find out if you have a great business idea, the determination and will to keep going when the ‘going’ gets tough
  • Why having a ‘system’ in place will allow you to run your business successfully
  • Determine the skills that are needed to succeed such as cashflow, funding options, a steady supply of clients, closing sales, customer service, marketing and communication plus a whole host of other skills
  • The TRANSFORM Startup business simulation programme will set the criteria for who progresses onto the support and development programme
  • The support and development programme will ensure that you are ready for your journey as an entrepreneur running your own business through our comprehensive programme of workshops, training, 1-1 coaching and mentoring

Can we help you? Yes…

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying to achieve any of the following…

  • Grow a business to sustainability
  • Be more entrepreneurial
  • Learn how to start and run a business
  • Put systems in place to help you run your business
  • Find the right mentor or coach to help you succeed
  • Plus much more…

Why not apply for the TRANSFORM Startup programme today and we will help you create that mind shift that will not only change the way you think about your business but will result in a definite impact on your business going forward?

“Growth is a massive deal for us and TRANSFORM showed how it can be achieved”


Director, Ennerdale Brewery


The Long View

“To help entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses and intrepreneurs transform organisations.”

This at the very core of everything we do. We want to help you start and grow a successful business here in the UK we also want to help you if you work for a company and have spotted where you can really help the company move forward but don’t know how.

Get in touch and we can see if you are ready for TRANSFORM