The Entrepreneurs Group

Grow, develop and sustain your business for success.

The Entrepreneurs Group is a business, a Community Interest Company and a collection of divisons with a mission to support sustainable business. We deliver learning and development, training and mentorship while nurturing entrepreneurs, new businesses, young and established businesses as well as large corporate organisations.

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TEG Corporate is Learning and Development for established businesses looking to develop your people for Innovation, Leadership and Business Growth. Working with your teams to find and nurture the intrapreneurs. We bring a greater understanding of how a successful business grows, meets and exceeds market share.

We focus on providing you with the resources, processes, and environment to support, motivate, and engage your team in entrepreneurial thinking. By leveraging our experience as corporate entrepreneurs, we help you identify and develop the competencies needed to create leaders who contribute to your organisation’s success.

TEGretail, TEGmarket, TEGstartup and TEGconsultancy are all divisions of TEGVIRTUAL CIC, who help you validate and support new or young businesses. For those looking for mentorship, guidance with finance, marketing and a whole host of services to get you off and running. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Working in Cumberland

Get onboard with our Weekly Podcast, learn from others going through the excitment and pain of starting and growing their own business from the 100s that we support. Maybe you’d like to join us and be featured? Use the icon below to learn more and get in touch. #tegtalks “TEGPODCAST” Youtube channel

Join us on our campaign to encourage everyone to #shoplocal. The UK is filled to the brim of amazing shop owners and communities, do your best to support the local family run business. Your money will stay in the community and support family, friends and neighbours. Learn more at #shoplocal